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You didn’t sleep well last night and you have actually lastly decided that the issue might be your mattress. Possibly your bed mattress is more than 5 years of ages or possibly you have actually observed that it droops a little in the middle. The secret to a better night’s sleep is the ideal mattress! Which one is right for you? We’ve assembled a list of eight of the most typical bed mattress types to assist you decide.


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1. Memory Foam


If you are searching for a great support and convenience, specifically as a side sleeper, memory foam is a wonderful choice. Memory foam is popular because of the way it gradually complies with your body as you sleep. If you sleep on your side, it provides the shoulder and hip support you need. The memory foam contours to your body and enables you to feel partially surrounded by the mattress while being supported.


Developed by NASA back in 1981, memory foam was designed to improve crash defense for plane passengers. Initially called Temper Foam, it was an innovation used to pad the seats of the {


Memory Foam vs Other Materials


Now that we went over the 4 different kinds of memory foam readily available, we can take a look at how it compares to other classifications of mattresses.


Providing security in addition to convenience, it wasn’t long before memory foam caught the eye of other eager makers.


Fast forward to now and memory foam is everywhere, starting with shoes and ending with beds.
However exactly what is memory foam?


Memory foam is polyurethane foam (typically reduced to poly-foam) with viscoelastic homes. Viscoelasticity indicates being able to briefly deform and then slowly go back to the initial shape.

However, it is very important to point out that although all memory foam is poly-foam, not all poly-foam is memory foam. It’s particularly those viscoelastic residential or commercial properties that make a memory foam what is it. Without it, you are just left with a foam, which does not adapt or contour to weight and shape.


Various Types of Memory Foam


When memory foam bed mattress were first launched, some individuals stated they slept too hot while others complained about the sluggish reaction. This reaction encouraged producers to upgrade memory foam into a better alternative, which is how four different kinds of memory foam were born.


Conventional Memory Foam


Standard memory foam is made from petroleum-based materials; this makes it harsh on the environment and increases the risk of off-gassing and heat retention. Nevertheless, traditional memory foam is cost-effective to make and purchase, making traditional memory foam mattresses the most economical alternative.


Gel-Infused Memory Foam


Gel memory foam is a fairly brand-new creation, and it has rapidly increased in appeal. As quickly as it struck the bed mattress market, gel memory foam took the top areas of the “best mattress” lists.

Gel memory foam is made using 2 approaches. The first approach is to inject small beads of gel into the foam during production, making sure it spreads out throughout. The 2nd technique involves injecting liquid gel into, or on top of, the mattress to guarantee it covers the foam through and through.
Whichever technique is utilized, gel memory foam bed mattress are a cooler option to conventional memory foam. The structure of the gel is created to draw in heat and then distribute it away from the body; this makes the heat retention in gel mattresses lower than standard memory foam and open-cell memory foam.

Nevertheless, this more recent enhanced version of memory foam is likewise far more pricey.


Plant-Based Memory Foam


Plant-based memory foam is the most current and most effective development when it comes to memory foam mattresses. This production process gets rid of a big portion of petroleum and changes it with plant-based materials. This not just lowers the carbon footprint left on our planet but usually likewise improves the quality of the mattress.
Plant-based memory foam does not produce the strong unpleasant smells memory foam is understood for, since these bed mattress are produced with virtually absolutely no emissions and contain no harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Substances). For that reason, there is never ever any off-gassing or bad odors.


Lastly, this kind of memory foam is known to be as much as 5 times more breathable than traditional memory foam due to the bigger open-cell structure of plant-based memory foam.


When considering Use Mattress:


Other benefits of memory foam bed mattress are that they consist of numerous layers of foam that withstand the tendency to sag in the middle and remove the need to flip the bed mattress routinely.

More On Use Mattress

Other Options For Use Mattress


2. Gel

In smart gel mattresses, gel is normally added to a foam mattress in the support system or upholstery layer. It has a somewhat different feel than memory foam, so you might require to test it out to decide which feel you prefer. Gel mattresses also dissipate your body heat better, so if you do not like the method some foam mattresses absorb your body heat, wise gel may help.


3. Pillow Tops


Side sleepers who pick not to go with memory foam or gel may also like pillow leading mattresses, or mattresses with a “pillow topper.” Pillow tops are essentially an additional layer of upholstery that you contribute to the top of your bed mattress. They are really soft and cushiony, enabling a comparable “sinking” feeling as memory foam, which allows your hip and shoulder to “sink” into the pillow top and keep your back in comfortable positioning. You can pick the level of softness for your pillow top, and they are typically utilized with an innerspring or coil mattress.


4. Innerspring.

Innerspring (also, coil) mattresses use an internal assistance of metal springs. You can generally measure the quality of assistance from an innerspring mattress by how many coils remain in the style. The number and circulation of coils figures out how well the bed mattress will comply with your body. Innerspring beds can also have varying spring shapes and coil determines that can impact the quality of back assistance. Back, side, and stomach sleepers can be comfortable on the ideal type of innerspring bed mattress.


5. Water Bed.


Water bed mattresses utilize water as the primary support group and are best for back sleepers. A waterbed includes a rectangular chamber of water that is padded with upholstery product, such as foam or fibers. The water can be in free-flow chamber or a limited-flow “waveless” chamber. In free-flow, nothing obstructs the water from moving from one end of the mattress to another. In a waveless waterbed, fibers limit the water’s movement. Your option depends on the quantity of support and versatility you prefer and whether you find the motion of the water distracting.


6. Air Bed.

Not A Great Option For Use Mattress.  Like waterbeds, an air bed utilizes a chamber filled with air as the primary assistance. The air chamber is padded with foam or fiber upholstery. The air chamber is likewise adjustable, allowing you to adjust the firmness of the mattress. Some brand names permit you to change each side of the bed mattress individually. Air beds are terrific for back sleepers and couples with different firmness requirements.


7. Latex Mattresses.


Latex mattresses utilize latex foam instead of memory foam. Our Talalay latex bed mattress are made with natural products, where most memory foam bed mattress use artificial products. Latex likewise provides differing levels of firmness and plushness to accommodate side, back, or belly sleepers. Latex is likewise less dense and less heating than memory foam. See more different between the two on our FAQ page.


8. Adjustable Bases.


Adjustable base bed mattress are one of the most flexible type of mattresses, offering relief and assistance anywhere you require it. You can change the base to elevate your head, raise your feet, or provide more back assistance. They are perfect for targeting sleep-related issues such as muscle aches, back pain, heartburn, heartburn, sleep apnea, and more.


Memory Foam vs Innerspring

When it pertains to comfort, memory foam is more universal compared to innerspring.
Memory foam provides a cradling impact. It contours the sleeper’s body, has a slower response rate, and helps preserve healthy spinal column positioning; this could be a big plus for someone who enjoys feeling “snuggled” by their bed. However, it can likewise be a minus due to the trouble of changing positions in your sleep.


Innerspring is much bouncier when compared to memory foam. This allows you to change positions with ease, whilst still providing good support and convenience for your body. Nevertheless, innerspring bed mattress have much greater motion transfer. Meaning, if you toss and turn, your partner will not sleep well.


All in all, memory foam fits most sleepers’ preferences better, but all of it boils down to your personal option.


Pressure Point Relief


By using different memory foam layers with numerous density levels, the majority of quality memory foam mattresses are adapted to offer advanced pressure point relief. Some memory foams even have actually a targeted support style that places focus on the pressure points.
Innerspring bed mattress use limited pressure point relief; instead of offering you more assistance when it’s needed, it often rises against you and triggers discomfort.


Temperature Control for Use Mattress


When it pertains to temperature control, memory foam is not known for being the most breathable product. Companies have actually taken that into account and have actually developed new ingenious memory foam designs that permit fantastic air flow and temperature level control, often acting even much better than a lot of other types of products.


Standard memory foam has bad breathability and tends to trap and keep heat.


Gel memory foam gets far better results when it comes to temperature level control.
Plant-based memory foam works terrific at dissipating heat and offers outstanding temperature level control. It’s bigger open-cell structure and plant-based design allow for remarkable air flow.
Innerspring bed mattress are understood for their outstanding breathability. They have lots of open space, no matter the quality or age. All in all, if there is one thing innerspring mattresses can be sure to supply, it’s great airflow.




The resilience of memory foam or innerspring mattress depends upon the quality of products used. If memory foam is made from cheap petroleum-based materials, possibilities are it won’t last very long. Very same opts for innerspring– if it is made from inexpensive coils, probably it will just hold you a couple of years; this is why it is essential to invest a little bit more in order to get a premium, lasting item.


Cost Contrast


Memory foam bed mattress generally cost more when compared to innerspring mattresses. This is generally due to the expense of production and the products utilized.
Memory Foam vs Latex




The most significant distinction between memory foam and latex it the way it hugs and contours the body.
Memory foam has a slower bounce-back rate and is known for providing a “sinking” sensation, as it totally contours the body.


Latex Use Mattress


Latex (artificial or natural) has more bounce, and this does not always provide basically comfort. Rather, everything boils down to personal choice.


Pressure Point Relief


Both memory foam and latex bed mattress work to have excellent pressure point relief. Nevertheless, memory foam gives up, whereas latex pushes back more.


Temperature level Control


The breathability and temperature control of latex depends if it is constructed of natural latex or artificial latex. Natural latex is cooler because it naturally captures less ambient heat. Synthetic latex, although less breathable, normally has pin holes to control the temperature and eliminate heat.
As for comparing latex to memory foam, it is very tough to state which one has better temperature control. For instance, standard memory foam will be much hotter than natural latex. Nevertheless, plant-based memory foam sleeps cooler than synthetic latex. It significantly depends upon the materials utilized; they can be horrible heat trappers while they likewise have the potential to offer superb breathability.


Durability of Use Mattress


Just like breathability, the durability of a memory foam or latex mattress depends on the quality of materials. High quality materials can last decades, whereas low-grade products usually last just a couple of years.


Price Comparison


The price for both types of mattress materials depends upon their quality. Conventional memory foam mattresses are economical, while plant-based materials cost more.
Exact same goes for latex mattresses; synthetic latex is more affordable while natural latex is probably the most expensive product on the market.


Memory Foam vs Hybrid Use Mattress




Both memory foam and hybrid bed mattress have a leading layer of memory foam. They have various supporting layers, however.
The bottom half of the hybrid mattress utilizes innerspring coils developed to provide more bounce and breathability when compared to memory foam. However, like a basic innerspring bed mattress, this can trigger unpleasant pressure points.


A mattress made totally from memory foam supplies more relief from pressure points, and it does a much better job at separating and not transferring motion, too.


Pressure Point Relief


Memory foam and hybrid mattresses supply different levels of pressure point relief. Memory foam works by using the “sinking” of the bed mattress, which eases and supports the pressure points of the body. That, contributed to the zoned support design most all-foam bed mattress have, supplies fantastic pressure point relief.


While hybrid mattresses utilize a much thinner foam layer on top of the coils to attempt and achieve a comparable effect. Nevertheless, it does not match the efficiency of memory foam.


Temperature Control


Because the bottom half of the bed mattress is made from coils, hybrid beds typically use somewhat better air flow.


However, memory foam is not far behind. After all, temperature control depends on the precise kind of memory foam that the bed mattress is made from.
Petroleum-based memory foam has a higher possibility of trapping heat while plant-based memory foam may be as breathable as a hybrid.




Hybrid mattresses tend to wear out faster than memory foam bed mattress. Furthermore, because of their innerspring coils, hybrid bed mattress tend to have a less competitive warranty.
Price Contrast
Because of their breathability and advanced design, hybrid mattresses typically have a higher cost.


Is a Memory Foam Bed Mattress Right For You? Use Mattress


As we see in the area above, each type of bed mattress holds its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you comprehend whether a memory foam mattress is the ideal choice for you, we require to discuss what it uses.


You require better pressure point relief and correct spine positioning. If you discover most bed mattress don’t supply adequate pressure point relief, a memory foam bed mattress might simply strike the target. Understood to work wonders when it concerns spinal column alignment, memory foam naturally provides support where your body requires it most. You are a side sleeper. Since memory foam has the ability to adapt and contour the body, it is an excellent option for side sleepers. When sleeping on your side, putting excessive pressure on your hips and shoulders prevails. The softness of memory foam helps the shoulders and hips sink into the mattress, making sure there is no extra pressure on those parts of your body. You are, or you share the bed with, an uneasy sleeper. Memory foam provides great motion seclusion, no matter the density or quality. By absorbing all motion into the mattress, memory foam can leave your sleep undisturbed.


Mattress Size Chart


TWIN– 39″ X 75″


Twin size mattresses are the smallest standard mattress size. They determine 38″ X 75″ and are planned for single sleepers. Twin size mattresses work terrific for kids’s spaces, small bedrooms, and guest rooms. They offer adequate room for young children while being easy to move from room-to-room. Twin size bed mattress and mattress sets are also normally the least expensive of all basic sizes.


TWIN XL – 39″ X 80″


The Twin XL bed mattress is ideal for high individuals needing more legroom with their mattress. It measures 39″ X 80″, making it the very same width as a basic twin with 5 more inches in length. With their narrower size and extended length, Twin XL bed mattress and bed mattress sets fit well in smaller sized areas while using more space to stretch out than is offered in a standard twin. They are an excellent transitional mattress for growing children because of their smaller sized cost and maneuverability.


FULL – 54″ X 75″


Complete size mattresses are terrific for growing kids, single sleepers, and individuals working with a narrower floor space. Full size mattresses determine 54″ X 75″ and fit easily in standard bedrooms and guest rooms. A full-size bed mattress is a perfect transitional bed mattress at a cost-effective cost. While offering more roomy sleep than a twin-size mattress, a full-size mattress is simple for young people to move from home to first apartment or condo.


QUEEN – 60″ X 80″


Queen size mattresses are the most frequently purchased of all sizes. They measure 60″ X 80″ providing a comfortable size for couples, in addition to a reasonable size that fits well in almost all bed rooms. The Queen size mattress can be the most cost effective for couples and due to its popularity, it has actually the added benefit of a huge style choice when it concerns bedding sets, bedroom furniture, and bed devices.


KING – 75″ X 80″


Economy size bed mattress are great for couples searching for high-end comforts, more sleeping area, or space to share with kids and family pets. Economy size mattresses procedure 75″ X 80″ and they are the biggest bed mattress size by US basic manufacturing. Due to their size, king size bed mattress and bed mattress sets are most frequently more costly and harder to move. Nevertheless, the large sizing offers peaceful sleep for couples in all sleeping positions. It is also motivated to measure the room’s floor space before buying an Economy size bed to guarantee a comfortable fit.




California King bed mattress are perfect for high people needing additional length to prevent having their feet hang off the bed. California King beds are great for people and couples due to their narrower dimensions. With a California Economy size bed, you receive an additional 4″ of length and lose 3″ in width in comparison to a standard king size bed. This difference in size assists make the California King fit better into smaller sized spaces than a standard King while assisting taller people get more restful sleep.

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